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Marketing to an increasingly complex and sophisticated buyer is growing more challenging all the time. B2B organizations typically have multiple buyers on a buying committee, they consume more content, engage with multiple channels and conduct much of the research on their own before engaging with a vendor directly.

This ongoing change in how buyers buy has had a direct impact on how organizations conduct Demand Generation. The problem is, many marketers are not properly skilled to implement a new approach and in turn, are not achieving their desired results.

Research has shown the following about B2B Marketers today:

  • Less than 20% are highly effective in achieving their Demand Generation results
  • Only 22% are effective with their content marketing
  • Less than 27% of organizations rate their teams as effective in Demand Generation
  • On average, organizations spend less than $1,000 per year on marketing training or enablement
  • More than 70% of marketers describe themselves as “self-taught”


ANNUITAS helps our clients transform Demand Generation in the work we do with them. We are taking that a step further by offering on-site training to equip B2B marketers to do the same in their organizations.

In this 2-day training session, the following skills will be taught:

  • How to align people, process, content, technology and data to their buyer
  • How to collect the right insights to build actionable personas
  • How to develop a content architecture that aligns to each member of the buying committee and their buyer's journey
  • How to establish and align a lead management process

This training is designed for B2B organizations who want to equip their personnel with the right skills to achieve their Demand Generation goals.

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