Focus Roundtable: Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Marketing Automation

Tuesday, June 21st, 1PM – 1:45PM PST


Marketing automaton adoption continues to rise and while technology can enable organizations to improve their marketing effectiveness, it does not just happen. Many organizations have failed to realize the expectation and promise of what marketing automation has to offer, but the technology is not to blame. In this roundtable we will examine what organizations can do to avoid the technology pitfalls that are common to many and steps they can take to ensure they get the full value of their automation investment.

Join Focus for this teleconference roundtable, Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Marketing Automation, as an esteemed group of marketing experts discuss how B2B companies maximize their marketing automation investment.

Carlos Hidalgo, CEO, The Annuitas Group
Steve Gershik, Chief Marketer, 28Marketing
Justin Gray, CEO, LeadMD, Inc.
Thor Johnson, CMO & CEO, Team Thor Marketing

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