The Annuitas Group Expands Team with Channel Marketing Expert

The Annuitas Group Expands Team with Channel Marketing Expert


Grand Rapids, MI – August 21, 2012 – The Annuitas Group, the recognized leader in lead management consulting services, today announced that Jennifer Jurgens has joined the company as a Senior Lead Management Consultant.  Ms. Jurgens brings over fifteen years experience in marketing and lead management assisting companies that distribute leads and sell indirectly either through resellers, VARs or distributors.

Most recently, Ms. Jurgens spent over ten years with MarketNet Services as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  MarketNet provides both proprietary software and lead management consulting services for companies with complex sales cycles and that sell through mixed channels.  While at MarketNet, Ms. Jurgens helped launch several custom lead management applications including the “Advanced Lead Conversion” service offering, which utilized statistical analysis to segment audiences.  Clients included Konica Minolta, the American Heart Association and The HON Company.  Prior to MarketNet, Ms. Jurgens held various leadership positions with Mindpepper, LLC, and Weller, Inc.

In her role with The Annuitas Group, Ms. Jurgens will apply her extensive experience to assist clients and prospects in developing a lead management process for complex sales models that include direct and indirect channels.

“Most B2B enterprise companies today do not have just one sales channel and while distributing leads to a direct sales team is difficult enough, the complexity goes up exponentially once you add partners,” said Jay Hidalgo, President of The Annuitas Group. “Jennifer’s unique experience and expertise around the channel is going to be extremely beneficial to our B2B clients who are overwhelmed by the complexity of developing a lead management process for both.”

“What’s exciting about working with The Annuitas Group is that they create unique and clean processes that are technology neutral and can be applied to any business case,” said Ms. Jurgens. “This is extremely helpful when working with enterprise clients and their partners, which can often be a tenuous relationship, to help them develop a trusted process for passing leads and information between the two.”

About The Annuitas Group

The Annuitas Group is the leading provider of sales and marketing process consulting services for B2B technology, financial and manufacturing companies. With more than 50 years of combined experience, The Annuitas Group helps clients achieve greater marketing and sales efficiency through more productive and efficient lead management, marketing automation and demand generation programs. In all, The Annuitas Group has been able to identify over $750 million of potential revenue within their clients by developing new sales and marketing lead management process.   For more information, visit


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