The Annuitas Group and Adam Needles Launch New Demand Generation Firm

Strategic Focus on Demand Process Helps Tackle the Top Pain Points Facing B2B Marketing and Sales

Grand Rapids, Michigan and Atlanta, GA—December 6, 2012—The Annuitas Group, an established B2B lead management firm, and Adam Needles, an enterprise demand generation strategist and author of Balancing the Demand Equation, announce the formation of a new firm. The new firm, simply called “ANNUITAS,” is focused on helping B2B marketing and sales at enterprise organizations build and execute demand generation that is more buyer-centric, revenue-optimized, and ultimately more strategic via its Demand Process SM methodology.

ANNUITAS offers a unique, holistic approach that organizes all elements of marketing and sales around the buyer – optimizing the lead-to-revenue path. This drives an outcome-oriented evolution of clients’ approach to content marketing, lead management, marketing/sales organizational design (including developing an integrated demand generation center of excellence) and marketing technology (including marketing automation and CRM).

ANNUITAS works with its clients via a transformation mindset – assessing the relative maturity of existing Demand Processes, recommending opportunities to improve demand generation, teaching clients how to perpetuate these recommendations and collaborating with its clients to optimize demand generation via the ANNUITAS Demand Process Maturity Model SM.

“Maximizing revenue is the goal of our customers,” states ANNUITAS CEO, Carlos Hidalgo. “Our mission is work with our Fortune 500 clients to develop their unique buyer-centric demand strategy, optimize complex demand generation processes, and configure sales and marketing teams to accelerate success.”

“Enterprise organizations in the B2B arena have a complex set of needs when it comes to improving demand generation,” explains ANNUITAS Chief Strategy Officer, Adam Needles. “There are legacy processes and marketing and sales interactions that need to be re-built for a Web 2.0 environment. Enterprise organizations need a new playbook that cannot be cookie cutter. It must be a custom, integrated approach to Demand Process Transformation SM. This is the core value of ANNUITAS.”

“ANNUITAS brings unique value to the market with extensive expertise in sales, marketing, demand generation and change management with a proven methodology for success,” says Craig Rosenberg, B2B sales and marketing thought-leader. “Enterprise organizations recognize the complexity of their environments and will want to bring in industry experts like ANNUITAS to help solve roadblocks to maximizing revenue.”

ANNUITAS helps global marketing and sales organizations transform demand generation to focus on the modern B2B buyer and to optimize revenue and customer lifetime value. ANNUITAS works with clients to determine their demand strategy and process, drives execution and then helps clients achieve self-sustainability. This value proposition makes ANNUITAS unlike other demand generation firms in the market. Learn more about ANNUITAS


ANNUITAS is a demand generation firm that helps B2B marketing and sales leaders at  enterprise organizations build and execute demand generation that is more buyer-centric, revenue-optimized and operationally-minded. ANNUITAS delivers this via its Demand Process SM methodology. ANNUITAS works with clients to determine their demand strategy and process, drives execution and then helps clients achieve self-sustainability and longer-term optimization. Learn more about ANNUITAS

Jay Hidalgo
Chief Revenue Officer, ANNUITAS
[email protected]

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