A New Day in Marketing

Today is a day of transformation. The launch of our new firm, ANNUITAS, enables us to deliver immense value to our clients through our Demand Process Transformation℠ services. Our unique approach will enable our clients to address the complexity that exists in needs of B2B marketing and sales organizations and operate from a buyer-centric viewpoint.

Marketing today is challenging, no doubt about it. Again and again we hear from clients there is lack of understanding about the modern buyer, there is no alignment between marketing and sales and the ever-present inability to drive ROI. In addition, organizations today are having difficulty building a solid strategy to deliver perpetual demand generation while addressing the processes to help enable these components to work together.

ANNUITAS addresses these challenges and works with our clients to develop holistic, insight-based strategies and processes that enable them to succeed while we teach them how to do it for themselves. It’s a radical concept for a marketing firm, but in our opinion it is what is best for our clients. The only way to really deliver value to our clients is to help them achieve success and that won’t always involve us. Crazy? Maybe. Marketing firms and research companies often tell clients what they need to do (but not actually do it) or do it for them . . . . . forever. ANNUITAS changes that.

Transformation is never easy, but in today’s complex B2B world, it is necessary. ANNUITAS will help you Transform Demand℠.  It’s a new day in marketing with ANNUITAS.

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