A Re-Cap of SiriusDecisions Summit Day Two in Less than 325 Words

Yesterday was day two of the SiriusDecisions Summit which started off on a high note with Joe Levin – Head of Sales Enablement from CDW who showed off the advancements they have made in Sales Enablement.  The biggest take away was that they reduced content by 93% – a big but necessary step.  This was needed to ensure they had the right content to better enable sales.

Mark Levinson and Jim Ninivaggi from Sirius delivered the second session on Sales Productivity. As I do not have a PhD in math, I mostly followed the Twitter stream but came away with the understanding that organizations (including marketing) need to do all they can to make their sales reps more productive.

After a quick break, content took center stage with Erin Estep and Marisa Kopec also of Sirius who delivered several key points including:

  • Think of content as providing information and value rather than getting caught up in the format
  •  When developing content think of the explicit and explicit attributes of your clients
  •  The highest performing reps/organization’s use persona-based content.

The early afternoon was a series of breakout sessions all of which were packed.  As I was unable to attend all of them, here are some of the most Tweetable moments from the sessions:

  •  “Just because you can count it doesn’t mean it counts via @petermollins
  • Only 20% of CMOs think they have the technology skills they need. Opportunities abound! Via @jennakeegs
  • Sales believes brand has the biggest impact in the early stages of the buying process. Via @eeestep
  • Building a Brand for a company is like building a person’s reputation via @lisahorner
  • Over 90% of high sales performers included #customer retention focus during their sales process via @AskAlicia.

And there you have it! I do have to give the Sirius team props for ending the night with a dinner on the USS Midway – a great experience!

Author: Carlos Hidalgo @cahidalgo CEO and Principal, ANNUITAS

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