B2B Sending Volumes & Deliverability Impact Rules

When it comes to B2B senders, email volumes are crucial to deliverability.  According to a recent post from Marketing Charts, one out of seven US Opt-In emails did not make it to the inbox! That’s 14% of your emails not being delivered.  That is not a good percentage for marketers, and certainly not a good percentage for driving revenue.

It’s a little different for B2C, but still, deliverability impacts revenue big time.  For the B2C senders, the major ISPs and webmail providers publish how many emails they can accept from a sender’s IP address. Think of vehicle traffic and how lots of cars try to squeeze into a single lane.  Now think if that single lane turned into many lanes.  That is the sending volume difference between B2C and B2B senders.  That is why it is important to think about and focus on your sending volumes to keep things moving smoothly for any type of organization.

Keep it lean:

One way to help overcome these rate limit restrictions is to segment out your larger B2B sends into smaller ones.  Spread your B2B traffic over the course of a day, a couple days, or even a week.  Additionally, this may be a good time to revisit how often you send to your recipients.

Make sure they are alive and kicking:

Sending to inactive recipients can hurt your email deliverability.  Many mail filtering systems can detect the age of your list and may either bulk or block your emails from getting into your recipient’s network.  Volume, coupled with the quality of your list determines not only getting accepted into your recipient’s network, but also getting into the inbox.

Know you are welcome:

Another good option to help ensure deliverability?  Communicate with your recipients and have them either whitelist your sending IP and domain, or ask how many emails they can accept from a single IP address.  If you don’t, you could be experiencing soft bounces as a result of sending too much volume to a particular recipient’s domain.  

These tips are not hard to accomplish, even for the novice marketer, and are certain to help improve deliverability.  Consider these basic tips the next time you start a campaign or click the Send button! Want to learn more about email deliverability? Download our latest eBook, 10 Things MAS Users Need to Know About Email Deliverability.

Author: Chris Arrendale, CIPP/US CIPP/IT @Arrendale is Chief Deliverability and Privacy Strategist, ANNUITAS.

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