Content Greats of 2014 for B2B Marketers

We are well into 2014 and already it is proving to be a good year. There is a lot going on these days  including Google announced the acquisition of Nest, the CMI announced Kevin Spacey as a keynote presenter at the 2014 event and the Polar Vortex is over. In our world of B2B marketing, we always strive to up our game and optimize content, processes and drive more revenue. The best part about B2B marketing these days is the great content that is available to help us.

Let’s take a look at some of the great content already launched in 2014 to help you in developing and optimizing your Demand Generation Strategy and execution:

Top Digital Priorities for Marketers in 2014 from MarketingProfs– This article calls out some of the top priorities for marketers including increasing conversion rates, “Increasing conversion rates is a top digital priority for 47% of marketers in 2014, according to a recent report by ExactTarget.” Mobile is another big priority. Are you prepared to optimize for mobile? If not, you could be missing out on revenue. Read the full article to learn more about the top success metrics for B2B marketers and see where you should be focusing in 2014.

How to Stop Hating Writing (and Actually Get Kinda Good) from HubSpot – Content marketing is integral to all we do in marketing these days. Your content strategy is the backbone of campaigns, programs, nurturing, sales tools, blogs and all content you write for the world to see. One of the biggest challenges in developing content is that people shy away from writing it or at least, willingly writing it. This article and guide helps you just get over it. Good writing doesn’t need to be hard and this guide helps even the weakest writer or the least confident writer, become better. This guide also helps those of us who write regularly improve in various areas, and there is always room for improvement.
Hubspot guide

After the Conversion: 4 Tips for Customer Retention a guest post from Tim Ash via V3 Integrated Marketing. We often focus on the importance of the conversion and forget about what happens next. This short post gives marketers a few things to think about and  tips on how to make the most AFTER the conversion. For example – one of the most basic tips is to optimize your thank you page. It’s an easy thing to do, but I bet most of us haven’t thought about our thank you pages since we set them up. Take a look and see why this post is important to read.

Another great piece of content, but not new in 2014, is the evergreen CMI Content Marketing Playbook from The Content Marketing Institute. This guide gives so many tips and actual direction on how to build your content marketing strategy and develop plays to optimize content that we had to include it. Don’t miss this if you haven’t already read it or take another look if you have.

These are just a few samples of content that we have found that can help B2B marketers in key areas. This is by no means a comprehensive list of recommended content. New content comes out every day and the challenge is to find it and use it effectively.  If we missed a great piece of content for 2014- let us know. We will share new pieces as we find them and keep helping you build the skills you need to develop a Demand Generation Strategy that delivers perpetual revenue for your organization.  A solid strategy is the key to driving more revenue in B2B, but you do need to maximize and optimize each step along the way. These pieces help you get there.

Author: Erika Goldwater @erikawg Director, Marketing, ANNUITAS

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