Notes from the Marketing Operations Executive Summit 2014

Rather than write a summary of the fantastic Marketing Operations Executive Summit, which just wrapped up in San Diego yesterday, I thought I might share the highlights by pulling together my “stream of consciousness” twitter stream from the event.

Lots of small, digestible thoughts from the show, sometimes retweeted from my colleagues at the event (marked RT at the beginning of the line). My twitter handle is @jstewart_1 – and there are lots of other smart folks in here you might want to follow.  Enjoy!

Marketing operations executive summitRT @RHsays  What does sales need from marketing? After “better leads” its “pipeline acceleration” says @megheuer @siriusdecisions #marketingopssummit

RT @megheuer  When they serve personalized industry content on website, 3x as likely to click thru vs generic content @DocuSign #marketingopssummit

The head of marketing operations is typically the de facto owner of the technology stack today @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

RT @bkardon  What happens to >1000 marketing software companies? Innovation + consolidation via @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

Marketing needs to own their tech strategy. It’s OK to delegate the tactical. #marketingopssummit

When it comes to mktng tech investment, know your capabilities before you act on your aspirations @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

All these techs are like the cheese scene in Borat … What is this? An MAS platform. This? MAS. And this? MAS. #marketingopssummit

RT @shaw_bryan Noticing a trend with #marketingopssummit presenters — all mentioned the need for finding/developing good talent.

Why the marketing tech explosion? Combo of scalability, talent, SaaS, open source & APIs, inbound marketing @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

Are 1000+ marketing technology vendors sustainable? @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

Marketing has more software available today than any other business function in the history of computing @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

RT @megheuer  100 marketing tech companies in 2011; 350 in 2012; 950+ in 2014; Massive growth & complexity via @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

“software is the middleman in digital marketing” @chiefmartec but does it replace actually talking to customers? #marketingopssummit

Marketing analytics affects your perceptions about what your audience is doing @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit

“Marketing is now the strategy arm that is leading, sales is following.” @sherylpattek – hmm, not sure we’re there yet #marketingopssummit

@megheuer how 2 get process adopted? Great point – change management – the unsung hero of demand process transformation #marketingopssummit

Love “marathon & sprint” msg @ellehwoulfe – strategy takes time, but there can be quick wins if you execute & measure #marketingopssummit

Don’t nurture based on content you just have “lying around” – it’s not relevant and will hurt your brand @ellehwoulfe #marketingopssummit

Marketing owns 2/3 of the revenue process today. no longer the “arts and crafts” function for the brand. @jonmiller #marketingopssummit

Great buyer journey sample @jonmiller 1) be a better marketer 2) why MAS? 3) why @marketo? 4) customer success – #marketingopssummit

RT @CventMarketing  Thoughtful marketing agility is understanding your customers better than your competitors. #marketingopssummit

RT @RHsays  Marketers: “Don’t use ‘agile’ as an excuse for jumping into execution without a strategy” @megheuer @siriusdecisions #marketingopssummit

RT @mdondiego  “If it wasn’t for marketing, I would have never landed that deal.” – said no B2B salesperson ever #marketing #marketingopssummit

“effective use of automation requires the support of a comprehensive skills development program” Yes! Chris Wong IBM #marketingopssummit

Demand generation marketing transformation takes time and requires patience. Chris Wong IBM #marketingopssummit

RT @megheuer  Marketing strategy is more critical than ever to coordinate complex customer experience parts says Chris Wong IBM #marketingopssummit

CMO own the marketing technology strategy, work with IT on the marketing technology tactics #marketingopssummit

Understanding the individual buyer – true, but don’t forget they are part of a buying TEAM. All have their own pain #marketingopssummit

Agree with @SherylPattek – B2B/B2C not merging. B2B buying has evolved but still VERY different. #marketingopssummit

Focus brand efforts on the buyer, not the business @SherylPattek #marketingopssummit

“hire for technical aptitude, and I don’t mean the ‘marketing technologist’ role” @SherylPattek #marketingopssummit

Redefine B2B from “business to business” to “business to buyer” – interesting @SherylPattek #marketingopssummit

Too many companies speaking “product out” instead of “customer value in” @SherylPattek #marketingopssummit


Author: Jason Stewart @jstewart_1 Vice President, Demand Generation, ANNUITAS.

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