Data Privacy,Protection and Compliance from Silverpop Amplify

Today was another great day at Silverpop Amplify 14 #SPOP14.  The agenda was packed with tracks focusing on different technologies, integrations, and product enhancements. Additionally, there were product demos of the new Silverpop Engage that were on display as well – giving attendees a lot to look at and experience. I sat in on several sessions focused on automation, analytics, and reporting.  A key takeaway from the event — to be an effective marketer, the goal is not only to send customer-focused emails, but to report and show that marketers are adding to their company’s bottom line. Accountability in marketing.

Silverpop amplifyI had the opportunity to deliver a session today focused on data privacy, compliance, international data regulations, and the upcoming Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). The title of the session was “Between the Lines: Keeping Your Program Compliant and Effective in Ever-Changing Times”.  We are in the age of big data and email recipients want and need to make sure that their personal data is not being shared, sold, or breeched. Many regions of the world already have limits and restrictions on sending emails and storing data – this is just another step in protecting the privacy of data.

The point that I wanted to drive home to the Silverpop audience  was that recipients are located across the globe and to be compliant – you need to ensure you follow the most restrictive data policies of the countries where you are sending emails and storing personal data. There are many laws in the EU, APAC, and now Canada, that focus heavily on customer opt-in, data storage, data transfer, and data destruction to help protect email recipients, their privacy and  their data. Rules, regulations, laws and best practices are always in flux in the world of privacy, compliance and data and it’s imperative that marketers and their organizations understand the complexities of these regulations and remain in compliance.

I crafted my session to help to explain some of the most pressing issues for marketers and how to address them. Want to learn more about  my session and what you need to be aware of in the ever-changing world of data protection and privacy? Let me know via and I will share the session slides with you. Thanks to Silverpop for a great event and the opportunity to share some best practices around an important, and often tricky subject that if not managed properly, can affect an organizations reputation and revenue.

Author: Chris Arrendale, CIPM, CIPP/US, CIPP/IT, MCTS @Arrendale is Chief Deliverability and Privacy Strategist, ANNUITAS

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