Modern Marketing – How Can We Do It Better?

It’s been about a month since Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience (#MME15) in Las Vegas and I’m still thinking about some the themes of the event. There were so many areas covered at the event, but a few topics that were all the rage at Eloqua Experience in 2013, e.g. content marketing, weren’t hot topics this year. Not because they were fads in 2013, but because they’ve been accepted as the standard in modern marketing. For example, marketers now in 2015 understand “Content is King” as fact. We know that we need to embrace content marketing and the underlying strategy, but the focus at #MME15 and conferences in general is how do we do it better?

shutterstock_245594479Taking everything a step further was a common theme at #MME15: moving from counting clicks and page views to measuring high value content; taking your lead scoring model and using a forward thinking predictive model; taking your demographics and digital body language and incorporating big data into the picture.

As marketing technology becomes more advanced the once-trailblazers of the industry are becoming experts and are looking to move away from basic skills and simple usage of technology. It’s about maximizing value and optimizing results. According to the 2014 ANNUITAS B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Study, 60% of marketers reported that they deploy 15 plus demand generation campaigns per year. Additionally, close to 60% of respondents reported that their campaigns have only been somewhat effective in contributing to pipeline and revenue.

This is why “machine,” “factories,” “transformation” and “orchestration” were buzzwords describing demand generation this year at #MME15. Modern marketers need and want to reduce the number of tactics and increase targeting to amplify results, accelerate success and be more forward-thinking instead of reactive as it relates to marketing. Developing the strategy that supports demand generation is what marketers need today. Of course marketers still need the basics skills and understanding of technology and marketing best practices, but more and more, they just want to know how to do it all better. The strategy is what makes better marketing and drives better results, not more of the same.

Author: Kathleen Hoehn @KathleenHoehn Marketing Automation Consultant, Eloqua for ANNUITAS

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