Enterprise B2B Marketers – How Did We Do In 2015?

Last year, ANNUITAS launched a new kind of Demand Generation Survey.  Unlike many surveys that are conducted each year, this survey focused solely on the Demand Generation practices at B2B enterprise companies ($250m+ in Annual Revenue).
ANU_Facebook.jpg 2015 study

In analyzing the results from last year, it was clear that the majority of B2B enterprise organizations are in the process of maturing their Demand Generation practices and acquiring the right skill sets to do the job. According to last year’s results, B2B enterprise organizations reported the following:

  • Overall only 2.8% effectiveness at achieving their Demand Generation goals
  • Only 7.5% of organizations rating their personnel as highly skilled in terms of Demand Generation
  • Only 28.3% of organizations creating content for each stage of their buyers buying process
  • Only 20.8% of those with marketing automation state they are achieving their goals

Additionally, the study reported findings on lead nurturing, measurement, analytics and content production. The hope is that with another year having gone by, that these enterprise organizations will have made advances in their Demand Generation approaches and are seeing a greater return on their Demand Generation investments.

In order to contrast and benchmark 2015 against 2014, we are launching our study once again and asking B2B Enterprise Companies to share their insights and thoughts on how they approach Demand Generation. If you would like to participate in the survey, you can fill out the form here. All responses are confidential and we will send you a copy of the study once it is complete in late Q2, early Q3.

As our B2B world continues to become more complex and sophisticated, it is important that we continue to advance our craft and grow in Demand Generation maturity. Find out how your organizations stacks up and take the survey now

Author: Carlos Hidalgo @cahidalgo CEO/Principal, ANNUITAS

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