10 Years and Counting

This month, ANNUITAS turned 10. It is hard to believe that we have achieved this milestone and as I look back, I am truly grateful for the ups and downs of the last decade as I would not have wanted to do anything else for my career.

10 ShutterstockWhen I co-founded ANNUITAS 10 years ago, I remember thinking about the kind of company we wanted to build.  The goal was to build a company that would have an entrepreneurial spirit, where each person on the team acted as an owner. A firm where we worked hard and played harder and shared in the accomplishments as a team, with no solo acts. An organization where people knew they were cared for and were allowed to lead where they are, no matter the title. We wanted to build a firm that was known for integrity and excellence.

Of all of the accomplishments we have had over the last decade, the one thing I am the most proud of is that we have stayed true to these founding goals. What started as two guys working from their homes to help organizations with Lead Management, has evolved into a 25-person, high-growth firm (just recognized this month by inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list #1727) with each team member having bought into our culture. I guess you could call the way we conduct business as the “ANNUITAS way”.

Peter Drucker was absolutely right when he stated, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” It is the foundational culture that we have, are committed to preserving and ensure that every new team member will fit into that has allowed us to persevere, adjust to market trends, handle the rough seas that can often impact a small business, grow exponentially and be a leader in this space.

As we turn 10 this month and celebrate this great accomplishment, it is not without notice at how fortunate we are. I firmly believe it is the insistence on being true to ourselves and making sure the culture of our firm permeates every aspect of our business that will allow us to continue to grow and celebrate 20 years in the not too distant future. Great culture, customers and people help build a great organization.

Take a look at our Decade in Demand infographic to highlight some of the major milestones in Demand Generation in the last 10 years. It just keeps getting better.

Author: Carlos Hidalgo @cahidalgo CEO/Principal, ANNUITAS

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