Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience – Why Personalization is Vital

After my second day at the Oracle Modern Marketing Experience 2016 conference (#MME16), I’m finding a very obvious common theme vendors, customers and speakers are talking about: personalization.

Oracle Modern Marketing Experience The technology-driven world we live in is full of data–endless amount of data about your industry and your customers. It’s almost inexcusable to not leverage it! In a great conversation with our fellow Atlanta friends Social123 last night, we talked about how certain people WANT to have their data found based on the up-to-date-ness and accessibility of that information. In the B2B world it can be very easy to find the right audience.

Keynote speaker Troy Carter, founder, chairman and CEO of Atom Factory gave us a different take on personalization coming from the music industry. He made the point that with fans as customers, especially with an up-and-coming artists, what will drive a lifetime of ROI is connecting with them, creating a community of followers and being sincere with them. As in a B2B business, Carter reminds us that a customer will be your biggest supporter, but that same customer will always remember that one bad experience too.

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd made very similar points when discussing the Oracle Marketing Cloud stack. Hurd gave high-level industry analysis from Oracle as a whole (big business metrics) stating that to make a positive outcome in the current market you have to do better with less. How you can do this? By having a great customer experience; if you don’t keep your customer, some other company is going to steal the business from you.

This is the buzz from yesterday at #MME16 in Las Vegas. Looking forward to one last day of great topics and conversations.

Author: Kathleen Hoeh @KathleenHoehn Marketing Automation Consultant, ANNUITAS

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