3 Tips For Improving Landing Pages

“A great landing page can make the difference between a successful email marketing campaign and a wasted opportunity,” according to a recent post on building landing pages that convert by Litmus. Content of an email is hugely important for engaging buyers, but the landing page guides prospects through their journey. By following some best practices guidelines, you can build a solid foundation for your landing page that will enhance successful email marketing programs.building better landing pages
Why focus on the landing page? Ultimately, the landing page should be a seamless continuation of the email communications and drives the conversion action. As a result, landing pages should always deliver an easy-to-follow user experience and like most communications, it all comes down to framework. Here are a few best practices to incorporate into the framework of your landing page.

Visual Hierarchy
The design of your landing page is essential to capturing attention and guiding your visitors in the right direction. As VisualHack states, “Visual hierarchy is the organization and prioritization of content as a means to communicate a message.” Best practice is to establish a clear visual hierarchy with header, sub-header, body copy, bullet points, and house keeping information. These elements allow for an easy user experience, engaging the buyer and moving one step closer to conversion.

Litmus reinforces this point, “Even if your email is amazing and easy to interact with, if the landing page isn’t, your subscriber may lose interest and it may even negatively affect their perception of your brand.”

Action Oriented
Now that your landing page has captured their attention, encourage buyers to take action. The call to action, or CTA should guide visitors to take action (download, visit, like or share content) and there are two parts to CTA best practices, language and design.

The language of your CTA should be action oriented and describe why the subscriber should interact. Use clear language that describes why a user should follow a link and use verbs to describe what they will do by interacting with the call to action. Try to create a sense of urgency or timeliness to drive behavior.

The design focuses on the size and placement of content and images. Make the CTA stand out, use contrasting colors so it is obvious what and where the buyer should focus their attention. Be bold.

Form Length
Form length is important in whether or not that buyer turns into an actual opportunity. So how do you make sure your form isn’t too short or too long? There are many different opinions on form length, but generally speaking, the shorter the better. Hubspot recommends somewhere between three and seven fields on a landing page form.

Understanding and utilizing a few best practices in building a landing page can help with conversions, and ultimately, drive results. The most important part of building any email content or landing page is testing. Use best practices to build a better landing page, but always test the effectiveness of those elements for optimal results.

Author: Sydney Gordon @SydneyDGordon Marketing Automation Production, ANNUITAS

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