The 2022 Gift Guide for Marketers

Do you have a marketing professional on your list this year? If not, you should add one because we need the extra love! From keeping the business afloat during “unprecedented times” to staring down the barrel of an impending financial downturn (and not to mention layoffs) it has been quite the year for marketers! 

We can’t speak for everyone but, we have taken the liberty of compiling a list of things that we think every marketing professional would love to receive this holiday season. 

Sales Teams That Update SFDC

Oh, the sales team! Marketing can’t live with them, but can’t live without them. How is marketing supposed to make informed decisions without accurate and up to date information from sales? Before you jump in to play the blame game, check and make sure your sales and marketing systems are connected and working together so your teams can too.

Agreement with Sales on What a Qualified Lead Is

Speaking of sales, how can we decide on which marketing efforts are working when we can’t even define success? Did you know only 7% of salespeople consider leads from marketing as “very high quality”—and a meager 28% said marketing was their best source of leads. When times are tough and the pipes get opened – Marketing tends to qualify a lead  after one or two interactions, which results in sales calling leads that are not warm enough to seal the deal. If items 1 and 2 are high on your list this year, it sounds like your sales and marketing teams might be misaligned. 

Form Fills with Real Information 

Thank you for your interest in our content, Donkeykongxyz! Something tells me you are not the decision maker in your organization. If you are seeing an influx of ‘spam’ leads or junk form fills, your forms might not be asking the right questions at the right time. 

A Realistic Budget

While ‘more money’ might be on everyone’s list this year, marketing could especially benefit from it. It’s probably not possible to up the budget this holiday season, but you can make sure you are getting the most out of every dollar spent and utilizing the right channels for your audience. Not sure how to answer the ROI question? It may be because you’re measuring activity instead of impact. 


It’s a tough job and you can’t do it alone! Since we’ve already discussed budgets, hiring someone to help lighten the load may not be in your future. But there are options! If you are constantly putting out fires or trying to keep your head above water, consider managed services as a solution. Whether you need an extension of your team or a platform expert, we can match any need big or small. 

Data/Reporting You Can Trust

Any marketer knows you need to be prepared to justify every dollar spent, but how can you do that without the proper data to refer back to? Whether you are measuring the efficacy of new content or the effectiveness of a channel, it’s helpful to know which demand marketing KPI’s and metrics you actually need to monitor.

A Better Plan for 2023!

If you are feeling an increase of expectations on your marketing team without the proper resources to do so, you might be forced to play firefighter. This results in more reactive campaigns rather than abiding by a solid strategy. 2022 might have been all about staying afloat but 2023 doesn’t have to be the same way. This holiday season, give the go-to-market team in your life what they really want, a shift to a strategic demand marketing plan

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