Accelerate Your GTM Transformation: The Chief Growth Officer’s Handbook is Here

Many of you have been following our thoughts on the blog surrounding two main concepts: the office of the Chief Growth officer, and the importance of approaching go-to-market via a Converged Growth lens. These two concepts are integral in transforming your go-to-market form traditional, “random acts” mode into a more predictable, scalable perpetual Growth Engine. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the publication of the Chief Growth Officer’s Handbook. This book is the culmination of months of research and analysis, and is aimed at helping growth leaders rethink their go-to-market to meet today’s go-to-market challenges. 

In short, the book is all about helping you create what we see as a new “Operating System” for go-to-market. It’s all about improving how we operationalize go-to-market around the customer lifecycle; to better orchestrate customer engagement; to better align marketing, sales and customer service; to deliver net lift to pipelines – and drive predictable growth.

The Benefit to Customer Lifetime Value

In the book, we cover a wide range of topics. Spanning from the benefits of taking a Converged Growth approach to your go-to-market, all the way to re-thinking the KPIs that matter for growth leaders in this new market reality. 

Other topics covered in the book include: 

  • A position description for those seeking a Chief Growth Officer for their organization 
  • New takes on organizational hierarchies under a Chief Growth officer 
  • A reimagined go-to-market technology stack for a Converged Growth approach

The Chief Growth Officer’s Handbook is a must read for any growth leader. Get your free digital copy HERE.

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