ANNUITAS Launches Its GTM Advisory Service to Help Go-to-Market Organizations Continuously Improve Execution and Performance

I want to share with you a new service from ANNUITAS – one designed to help go-to-market (GTM) organizations continuously improve their performance.

As Growth Leaders, we find ourselves at a crossroads with our go-to-market efforts.  Despite the ‘best laid plans,’ the dirty little secret is that our go-to-market efforts tend to fall apart in execution.

ANNUITAS has spent the last decade developing its methodology to help go-to-market organizations better orchestrate customer engagement and drive lift to revenue – solving the challenge of go-to-market execution and transforming (often disconnected) go-to-market activities into an optimizable Perpetual Growth Engine.

This methodology, together with the combined expertise of the ANNUITAS team and its diverse client network, is now available via a subscription-based, annual program – the ANNUITAS GTM Advisory Service™ – which launches this week.

Let’s tackle ‘the why’ and dig into how this service works.

The Why … an ‘Operating System’ to Shift Us from Random Acts to a Growth Engine

Why is go-to-market more challenging than ever?

Marketplace dynamics are rapidly changing; we’re finding ourselves less frequently ‘right place and right time’ with prospects and customers; more stakeholders are in the mix; tried-and-true engagement channels seem to be yielding declining returns; sellers are finding it harder to build relationships; and we generally find ourselves in an increasing cycle of ‘random acts’ of marketing and sales as we attempt to constantly ‘pivot.’

But we are framing the wrong problem to solve.  The net reality is that go-to-market is largely won or lost today in execution, not in our strategic planning, segmentation and TAM analyses.  What we need is an ‘operating system’ to help our go-to-market organizations better operationalize go-to-market around customer lifecycles.

For more than a decade, ANNUITAS has led a revolution to stop ‘random acts’ of marketing and sales – leveraging  our proven ANNUITAS Demand Process™ methodology to help our clients make the shift to a strategic and scalable go-to-market approach – both pre- and post-sale.  Our work has always focused on empowering Growth Leaders – across marketing, sales and customer success – to operationalize go-to-market programs around customer lifecycles through our Perpetual Growth Engine approach – orchestrating customer engagement and providing lift to pipelines.

Our team has guided more than 100 enterprise go-to-market transformations across cybersecurity, ed tech + training, financial services, health + life sciences, manufacturing + industrial, technology and travel – with great results.  ANNUITAS clients with fully mature go-to-market programs typically see an improvement in end-to-end lead-to-revenue results that is 4-10x industry benchmarks.

These are our roots as an organization – as a successful boutique management consultancy, specialized in go-to-market transformation.  With this new ANNUITAS GTM Advisory Service™, we are building upon our vast knowledge and expertise to become the leading go-to-market analyst firm.

The How … the New GTM Advisory Service

Our significant base of transformational experience and our organizational focus on optimizing GTM execution differentiates ANNUITAS from other research and consulting firms.  We seek to be credible – with insights, frameworks and coaching that is proven to impact the front line – instead of coming at you with unproven theory.

Now, after a decade of bespoke GTM Transformation consulting, we are making our go-to-market operating system available on a wider basis via our ANNUITAS GTM Advisory Service™.

It is a subscription-based offering that enables clients to tap into the ANNUITAS team via an annual program of performance benchmarking and improvement, together with counsel and support from our team of experts, instead of the classic model of a full-blown, transformation program, to which many organizations find it difficult to commit.

Clients have access to regular analyst insights and counsel, to GTM performance benchmarking and coaching, to GTM best practices education and training and to an incredible network of GTM leaders among the ANNUITAS client base.

Key elements of the service include:

  • GTM industry insights: Regular analyst notes and periodic research reports evaluating the latest in GTM approaches and technologies; regular ANNUITAS client forums, sharing peer insights
  • GTM performance analysis: Ongoing counsel, monthly performance checkpoints and quarterly strategy sessions
  • GTM performance benchmarking: Annual performance benchmarking, ongoing maturity-stage goal planning and quarterly checkpoints
  • ANNUITAS Demand Process™ education and certification: Access to the ANNUITAS Demand Process knowledge base, learning plans for key team members and annual certification in the core ANNUITAS GTM methodology
  • GTM tech stack architecture support: Client gap analysis, architecture white boarding and ongoing counsel
  • GTM executive peer networking: Access for key client executives to the ANNUITAS Growth Leaders Council
  • GTM organizational design: Client gap analysis, org design white boarding and ongoing counsel
  • GTM quantitative modeling: Annual ‘reverse funnel’ modeling, ongoing business case support, quarterly checkpoints and counsel for annual budgeting 

GTM Transformation for Everyone; Let’s Connect

I have spent the last decade of my career at ANNUITAS – leading the development of ANNUITAS Demand Process™ and serving at the helm as CEO since 2017.

I am proud of our track record of 100+ enterprise GTM Transformations and of our clients’ successes.  No other research and consulting firm has our unique base of insight and experience.  My only regret is that we have not been able to help ‘more’ organizations improve their GTM execution over this period.

That’s why I am so excited about the ANNUITAS GTM Advisory Service.  It is our chance to engage with a wider base of companies – sharing our methodologies, our teams and our client network with more go-to-market leaders across marketing, sales and customer success functions.

If this is at all salient to you.  If you find your go-to-market ‘falling apart in execution,’ then let’s find time to connect.

Contact us, and let’s talk about how we can support you through our new service.

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