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Marketing and Sales leaders face more pressure than ever to meet revenue goals and measure their return on investment. But only 27% of companies have implemented demand generation programs that deliver this level of accountability.1 ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® services (PDG) empower revenue-driven leaders to change this equation and drive the transformation to an always-on, strategic approach that optimizes customer experience, accelerates business growth, and proves Marketing ROI.

“We chose ANNUITAS because there really wasn’t anyone else who could do what they do at their level. ANNUITAS had the ability to develop the system, customize it for us, launch it, and track results that allow us to make smarter decisions and drive more revenue from our marketing spend.” — MATT LACROIX, LENOX INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES

The ANNUITAS Demand ProcessSM is a proven methodology enabling you to proactively orchestrate and optimize programs that Engage, Nurture and Convert prospective buyers into customers. The Demand Process encompasses every aspect of your transformation to PDG, from people and process to content and technology. It’s a comprehensive, structured approach spanning three phases of work: Strategy, Implementation and Optimization.

Strategy: Buyer-Centric, Outcome-Driven

Research-driven strategy customized to your buyers and business

The Strategy phase starts with core research into your demand generation ecosystem, including deep insights into your buyers and their experience with your business. We also consider the people and processes in your organization who are responsible for driving leads and closing deals, as well as the lead management processes and technology stacks they rely on.

Learn more about our Strategy Approach and Deliverables.

Implementation: Building the Engine

Collaborative execution driving knowledge transfer and long-term success

Working as an extension of your team, ANNUITAS applies a phased approach to PDG Implementation that allows you to immediately benefit from best practices adoption during research and development. Key activities include:

  • Continuous stakeholder alignment
  • Website and content offer production
  • MAP and CRM implementation and integration
  • Lead Management FrameworkSM finalization
  • Training for Marketing and Sales teams

Learn more about our Implementation Approach and Deliverables.

Optimization: Focus on Revenue

Expert analysis to fine-tune for better results

Post-go-live, the focus shifts to continuous optimization of PDG, including KPIs, dashboards and analytical insight. We focus on revenue-centric metrics to recommend performance improvements that will drive more sales. ANNUITAS clients with mature, optimized PDG programs deliver lead-to-revenue results that are 4-10x industry averages.

Learn more about our Optimization Approach and Deliverables.

Rigorous, Customized Approach

To deliver these services, ANNUITAS brings together a world-class team of demand generation strategists, content marketers, business analysts and marketing technology experts, with expertise in designing and executing buyer-centric, process-oriented and optimizable demand generation programs. Our unique blend of cross-functional capabilities spans those of management consulting firms, digital agencies, and martech solutions integrators.

This expertise, combined with our proven Demand Process methodology, enables us to deliver programs that go well beyond strategy, driving hands-on execution through to the complete build-out of a PDG program, with ongoing optimization. Throughout the three-phase process, we work closely with your internal stakeholders and teams, while coordinating with other partners such as web development and technology providers.


ANNUITAS Strategic Approach

1 Source: ANNUITAS, Inc., 2016 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Survey

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