ANNUITAS Strategy Implementation Approach

Demand Generation Engine Implementation

It’s been said that “execution is where strategy goes to die.” But when you work us, your ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® (PDG) strategy comes to life with our implementation approach. It is an enormous undertaking, as you make the shift from one-off tactical campaigns to always-on strategic demand generation. But it also delivers enormous rewards.

“ANNUITAS is an extension of our team across the board. It truly is a partnership.” — KIRA MONDRUS, SECUREWORKS GLOBAL MARKETING DIRECTOR

ANNUITAS clients with mature, optimized Perpetual Demand Generation programs deliver lead-to-revenue results that are 4-10x industry averages.

Although the full value of PDG comes once Implementation is complete, our phased approach means you can start to realize many of the benefits right away.

Putting All the Pieces Together

Transformation to PDG involves almost every facet of Marketing and Sales, including people, process, content and technology. ANNUITAS works with you to manage this change and align your entire organization around the new perpetual demand generation engine.

We bring together a cross-functional team of experts to lead the orchestration, coordinating all the elements of Implementation.

  • Content development: We provide creative direction and project management for all content offers, as well as content produced for emails, forms and landing pages.
  • MAP technology production: We provide technology direction and oversight of a complete build-out of the PDG program inside the marketing automation platform and actively manage the “go-live” process for deployment.
  • CRM configuration and development: We complete all Salesforce requirements that are necessary to implement the ANNUITAS Demand ProcessSM and PDG program.
  • Lead Management FrameworkSM implementation: We work with Marketing, Sales, and Sales Development to ensure full alignment around the new Demand Process with a smooth handoff of qualified leads and conversion of opportunities into revenue.
  • Training and sales enablement: To ensure smooth implementation and alignment on lead handling, we lead the briefing of SDRs and Sales stakeholders on the PDG program. We train key Marketing team members on longer term management and operation of the program.

In addition to this hands-on Implementation work, we provide strategic support and collaboration around web development, engagement and acquisition channel planning, and data enhancement planning and production. And our Strategy team collaborates closely throughout the process to ensure the PDG engine gets built as designed—answering questions, clarifying intent, and refining strategic details as needed.

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Get a detailed look at our Implementation Deliverables and see how ANNUITAS supports you on the path to more predictable, profitable growth.


ANNUITAS Implementation Deliverables
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