ANNUITAS Strategic Approach

Strategic Demand Marketing

Strategic Demand Marketing drives predictable business growth.

Tactical demand generation efforts are disconnected from the buyers they seek to reach. No matter how compelling your content and messaging—or how persuasive your sales reps—a disjointed campaign approach cannot predictably and effectively convert buyers. ANNUITAS’ Strategic Demand Marketing approach puts the buyer at the center of everything to drive business growth.

82% of demand marketing is ‘wrong place, wrong time.’ — ACCENTURE INTERACTIVE1

Making the shift from singular, tactical demand generation efforts to a Strategic Demand Marketing state requires a change in thinking. At ANNUITAS, we’re here to guide you through a Digital Demand Transformation and take you from ineffective tactics to perpetual, scalable demand.

ANNUITAS brings every element of people, process, content and technology together to convert buyer interest into revenue while maximizing customer lifetime value. We uniquely integrate all of these elements and enable automation and optimization via marketing and sales technology systems.

Designing an Always-On, ‘Perpetual’ Program

Using the ANNUITAS Demand ProcessSM methodology, we develop an ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® (PDG) program to enable your Strategic Demand Marketing state. We begin with buyer insights and end with lead-to-revenue results that are 4-10x better than industry averages.

With a PDG program, sales teams are free to focus on prospects who are ready to talk. This increases efficiency and yields better customer experiences and momentum throughout the buying cycle. It also helps marketing departments understand which investments are converting to revenue—helping to change the perception of their role from cost center to growth driver.

Building the Engine

Buyer orientation is critical, but Strategic Demand Marketing is not just about personas and content. Your internal people, processes and technology are just as important—and are the ultimate enablers of a successful Digital Demand Transformation. We work with you to develop a Lead Management FrameworkSM.

Then, with established guidelines that cover lead qualification, handling and routing we can build out logic sequences that support the buyer. ANNUITAS also works with you to build a quantitative model for pipeline contribution so that you can track and measure the entire lead-to-revenue process.

Unique Expertise Drives Change and Success

A Strategic Demand Marketing state is achieved by going through a Digital Demand Transformation and it requires a unique set of expertise.

ANNUITAS brings together a world-class team of experts to support your business transformation. From strategy and change management to technology systems and data management, we provide a unique blend of cross-functional capabilities that combines those of management consulting groups, digital agencies, analyst firms and MarTech solutions integrators.

Learn more about how ANNUITAS delivers on the promise of Strategic Demand Marketing to drive more predictable, profitable growth.


ANNUITAS Strategy Deliverables

1 Accenture Interactive, Waste or Win? The Case for Just-in-time Marketing, 2016

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