Demand Generation Program Implementation

Demand Generation Program Implementation

During the strategy phase, ANNUITAS conducts in-depth buyer research to craft a thorough plan for your Demand Generation program.

The Implementation phase is when that plan comes to life. It begins with content production to manage and direct the creation of the content to support the buyer-centric Content Marketing Architecture. We then write copy and design email and landing pages that support the content offers within the program, which are optimized for inbound conversions.

In addition to content development, ANNUITAS develops the channel engagement plan that will Engage, Nurture and Convert buyers along their purchase path.

ANNUITAS develops a Lead Management FrameworkSM, so no opportunity is lost between marketing and sales, and only those buyers that are truly ready to buy are passed to sales as qualified leads.

The integration of marketing and sales technology are what enable the end-to-end Demand Generation program. The ANNUITAS technology team handles everything from content testing to marketing automation, CRM integration and data governance.

The Implementation stage concludes with the launch of the buyer-centric, perpetual Demand Generation Program.

ANNUITAS brings your Demand Generation strategy to life. From content production to program build, systems integrations and more, we’re your one-stop-shop for Demand Generation excellence.

Change Management

Planning and building the Demand Generation program is only half the battle. For Demand Generation to be successful, both marketing and sales, along with business leadership must be aligned. ANNUITAS manages the entire Demand Generation Transformation for our clients, inside and out, to ensure buy-in and ultimate success.

Content Marketing

Selling to B2B Enterprise organizations is complex because decisions are made in committees. We identify every buying persona made up in the customer’s buying committee. Next, we develop content targeted at their individual needs from initial Engagement through Nurture and Conversion.

Program Implementation

ANNUITAS is a full-service Demand Generation and change management firm that develops buyer-centric Demand Generation strategies. Our team of strategists and technology professionals have deep expertise in program development and implementation. This includes:

  • Development of Buyer Insights and personas
  • Alignment of content to buyers and their purchase path
  • Development of lead management process to ensure marketing and sales alignment
  • Implementation of marketing automation technologies
  • Managing the process of change

Technology Execution

ANNUITAS has in-house platform experts in every major marketing automation technology. Whether you prefer Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Silverpop or another platform, our technology team will bring your program to life. We’ll not only build it for you, but also teach you how to take over control for the long-run.