Lead Management

Improve lead conversions at every stage.


Almost half of organizations still do not document or consistently use defined service level agreements (SLAs) for lead management.

Demand Generation Strategy

Too many opportunities are lost simply because leads fall through the cracks. Having the details of the lead management process defined by both marketing and sales teams will bring clarity to the process. It ensures all qualified leads get the proper follow up, so that the organization can capitalize on the most qualified leads. ANNUITAS works with our clients to build a Lead Management FrameworkSM. The result is improved lead quality, an optimized customer experience, increased sales performance and increased contribution to pipeline and revenue.

We first work to align the organization around a single Lead Qualification Model. By having a common definition for leads, marketing and sales can work hand-in-hand to identify and close the best opportunities.

To hold both marketing and sales accountable, Sales Level Agreements (SLAs) are drafted and agreed upon. SLAs include response times, follow up activity, and rules for lead routing. The SLAs not only forge marketing and sales alignment, but also improve lead and opportunity conversion rates.


The majority of companies integrate Lead Nurturing into their content strategy.