Demand Generation Optimization

Demand Generation Optimization

Our Demand Generation Optimization offering consolidates the data from marketing technologies, financial systems, CRM platforms and more to provide a clear understanding of your Demand Generation Program performance. Engagements typically begin with a data quality evaluation, focused on identifying relevant data, normalizing it for optimal analysis, and then formulating a plan to fill in data gaps or repair any incomplete data required for optimization.

An Optimization engagement then works to establish metrics tied to revenue and measure lead conversions at every stage of the buying process. We also compare performance to established industry benchmarks in order to truly understand program performance.

Optimization measures performance against established KPIs that will accurately reveal marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue. Through regular check-ins, ANNUITAS identifies areas of program performance. We then work with our clients to execute against these recommendations in order to positively impact performance.

Perpetual Demand Generation is not a “set it and forget it” program. It requires constant monitoring to ensure that your buyers are Engaged, Nurtured and Converted, and your nurture programs are working to their full potential.

Deliverability Monitoring

Email performance data from your marketing automation platform or email service provider doesn’t always tell the full story. When deliverability problems go unnoticed, the impact on revenue can be significant.

Deliverability Remediation

Even the most diligent and conscientious marketers sometimes run into issues with email deliverability. ANNUITAS has established relationships with all the leading providers to help our clients identify problems early, and to quickly resolve and remediate any issues as they arise.

List & Data Contact Strategy

Program performance issues or email deliverability problems can often be traced to issues with your customer data. ANNUITAS works with our clients to cleanse customer and prospect data, optimize it for improved program performance, and establish best practices for capturing and maintaining quality data.