ANNUITAS Implementation Deliverables

Demand Generation Campaigns

Building the engine and implementing ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® (PDG) takes a wide range of expertise—and a deep bench of talent. ANNUITAS delivers on both, with a world-class team bringing years of experience in demand generation, content strategy, technology integration and configuration, and data science.

“I was the biggest skeptic. I was wrong. Perpetual Demand Generation was a turning point for us! It was game changing. We reduced costs and increased revenue and yield…. I would have to hire over 100 sales people to do what ANNUITAS was doing.” — TODD HAYES, PRNEWSWIRE SVP SALES OPERATIONS

We not only produce the required deliverables, but also manage the entire scope of people, process, content and technology. At the helm are ANNUITAS program management experts, who keep the Implementation running smoothly, on schedule—and dialed in for success.

Program Development: Calling the Plays

ANNUITAS provides complete project management of the PDG implementation, not only managing our own deliverables, but also the work that your in-house team or third parties are producing. We also provide ongoing strategic oversight to ensure that the program plan developed in the Strategy phase is fully translated into reality and adapted to specific needs.

Developing Content to Fuel Demand

ANNUITAS provides all content creative direction (including creative briefs) to guide design and production of content offers for the PDG program as well as project management for the content development, whether you’re working with a third party or producing it in-house.

But content is not just a creative endeavor. We also oversee the technical and process-oriented details involved in deploying your content offers to effectively Engage, Nurture and Convert prospects. For example, emails, forms and landing pages must be designed, built and tested, and content assets must be uploaded and published in your CMS.

Guiding Technology and Backend Execution

Using the PDG Strategy as a blueprint, our team of expert technologists oversees every aspect of the technology implementation, ensuring that this critical infrastructure is built according to plan. Our technology direction includes specific “Visio-style” mappings of marketing automation flows, scoring documentation, and lead source definitions and modeling, as well as the requirements brief for Demand Process integration. We coordinate with everyone involved, not only on the ANNUITAS team, but also with your technology stakeholders and any third parties that may be managing key technologies.

MAP Implementation, Integration and Configuration

We oversee the complete build-out of the PDG program inside the marketing automation platform, including system implementation, Salesforce integration, and configuration of your MAP instance for the new Demand Process architecture. We also account for everything required from the MAP to enable PDG and to interact with all inbound and outbound engagement channels, including program tie-ins to websites. And when it’s time to go live, we manage the deployment and launch.

CRM Configuration and Development

ANNUITAS completes all Salesforce CRM requirements, including configuration and/or development work that is necessary to implement the new Demand Process and PDG program. This includes integrating the MAP with Salesforce, setting up SLA alerts and field updates, and setting up lead routing. CRM deliverables also include complete documentation of the final SFDC set-up.

Lead Management FrameworkSM Implementation

The Lead Management Framework ensures that no opportunity is lost between Marketing and Sales—and only those buyers that are truly ready to buy are passed to Sales as qualified leads. Implementation of the framework includes Revenue Cycle Model configuration, field mapping documentation and maintenance, Progressive Profiling Model implementation, and everything needed for lead qualification, scoring and routing.

Final steps include key elements such as service level agreements (SLAs) and “lead status” models that govern the hand-off of qualified leads—and ensure that those leads convert into opportunities and revenue.

Training and Enablement

Finally, ANNUITAS trains your Sales and Marketing teams to drive the PDG engine post-implementation, leading program briefings, and providing “cheat sheets” on how to handle qualified leads. We also guide the change management required to evolve lead conversion processes and train key Marketing team members on how to manage the new Demand Process longer term.

Demand Generation Center of Excellence

Having a core team of demand generation specialists is a key part of a successful PDG program. We provide advisory support to help your organization develop a Demand Generation Center of Excellence (DGCOE). This includes comprehensive training for DGCOE stakeholders, including marketing operations and MAP power users, on the new PDG program and Demand Process.

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We don’t walk away when your PDG program goes live. See how our Optimization Approach supports continuous improvement on your path to more predictable, profitable growth.


ANNUITAS Optimization Approach
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