ANNUITAS Optimization Approach

Strategic Demand Marketing Optimization

Moving to a strategic demand marketing state via an ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation establishes a strong foundation for growth. Although many organizations see improvements to their Demand Process soon after launch, the lasting impact on pipeline and revenue comes through our rigorous approach to Strategic Demand Marketing Optimization.

ANNUITAS clients that embark on a Digital Demand Transformation realize lead-to-revenue results that are 4-10x better than industry averages.

“I made the decision to bring ANNUITAS in, because I wanted marketing to contribute to revenue.” — Bob Seiler, PRNewswire SVP Sales and Marketing

That’s why ANNUITAS doesn’t simply build a Perpetual Demand Generation program and call it a day. We stay involved on an ongoing basis for as long as you need, optimizing the program over time to deliver increasingly positive results.

Going Beyond Dashboards to Deliver Actionable Insights

Our business analysts and data science specialists actively monitor performance of your demand marketing programs and provide regular dashboard reporting on core KPIs. But our approach to optimization encompasses more than just dashboards. We provide expert analysis and strategic insight, informed by years of experience across both enterprise and growth company engagements.

Measuring and optimizing across all marketing channels enables you to understand:

  • Which channels drive the most qualified leads that ultimately convert to sales
  • Which content assets are most effective at addressing buyer needs and converting prospects to customers
  • How to most effectively combine the right channels, content offers and tactics to drive growth

This allows you to focus your sales and marketing efforts on strategic investments that deliver the highest return.

Multiple Service Tiers to Fit Your Business Needs

To provide actionable insights that fit your organization’s users and business objectives, ANNUITAS offers multiple Strategic Demand Marketing Optimization service options. We deliver reporting, strategy reviews, remediation and governance on a daily, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, according to the service tier you select.

  • Core Optimization Services Tier: includes performance monitoring, KPI monitoring and reporting, and strategic counsel to identify opportunities for optimization
  • Core Optimization Services + Platform Tier: adds active MAP optimization and governance, including email deliverability and management
  • Managed Optimization Tier: provides fully managed optimization services, including active engagement channel reporting and integration management

Regardless of the service level that is right for you, ANNUITAS works as an extension of your team to align marketing and sales around revenue-focused KPIs—and prove marketing ROI.

Get a detailed look at Optimization Deliverables to see how we support you on your path to more predictable, profitable growth.


ANNUITAS Optimization Deliverables
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