ANNUITAS Optimization Deliverables

Demand Generation Optimization Techniques

When you are accountable for revenue, visibility is everything. After all, you can’t prove what you can’t see. ANNUITAS Optimization services enable you to see exactly how  your demand generation programs are performing—and how they are contributing to revenue and growth. We back that up with ongoing strategic guidance and ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® Optimization Deliverables that show how to continuously improve performance across your entire demand ecosystem, from people and process to content and technology.

65% say pipeline and revenue are top measures of success. — ANNUITAS, Inc., 2016 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Survey

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse of program performance via regular dashboard reports that provide a clear view of Marketing ROI. Our business analysts and data science specialists actively monitor and measure the performance of your PDG programs against established KPIs that accurately show how your programs are contributing to pipeline and revenue. An online portal makes it easy to keep tabs on your success:

  • Weekly monitoring of core Demand Process KPIs, including engagement and content offer performance, as well as nurturing, lead management, revenue and ROI performance
  • Bi-weekly performance dashboard updates, including an end-to-end, closed-loop view of activities and results, detailed breakouts by KPI and full integration of impression data from third-party engagement channel systems
  • 24/7 online and mobile access to the Tableau dashboard (number of users varies from up to 8 to 24, depending on service tier)

Email Deliverability Best Practice and Compliance (top tiers)

The top two service tiers also receive a daily email deliverability monitoring report and one-business-day review and remediation of any deliverability issues. We ensure all PDG programs maintain the highest levels of deliverability and continuously raise the bar for email best practice and global regulatory compliance.

Optimization Strategy Counsel

Measuring performance is valuable, but the true power of optimization comes when you can interpret the meaning behind the metrics—and identify opportunities to improve them. We provide insights you can act on during regular strategy sessions, delivered during monthly web meeting and quarterly deep-dive reviews, which are conducted on site with your team. During these check-ins, ANNUITAS:

  • Delivers strategic insights and guidance on opportunities for optimization in a variety of areas, including content marketing, engagement channels, lead management and technology systems and data
  • Reviews performance against your business objectives, identifying key opportunities and challenges for optimization
  • Jointly plans optimization action items to be taken over the next month or quarter
  • Identifies any areas for additional analysis and/or custom data insights

Platform Optimization and Governance (top tiers)

If you choose the Core + Platform or Managed Optimization tier, you also get monthly or bi-weekly support for marketing automation platform (MAP) performance. Based on Optimization strategy insights, we make continuous improvements to the operational integrity and governance of PDG programs, including adjustments to:

  • Process integration elements, such as program logic and flow and the lead scoring model
  • Technology and data systems, such as MAP system configuration, data and third-party integration settings, and ongoing MAP data hygiene

To further support optimization of your demand generation technology platforms, we provide monthly MAP training and knowledge transfer and monthly guidance on MAP governance.

Engagement Channel Management and Governance

ANNUITAS will monitor, help govern and continuously optimize the performance of the Demand Generation Program and its engagement channels, collaborating around the review of program performance and identifying areas for improvement. This translates into strategic improvements to the Content Marketing Model, Lead Management FrameworkSM and the engagement channel media mix. Depending on your chosen service tier, ANNUITAS provides the following services on either a monthly or bi-weekly basis:

  • Closed-loop tracking model governance
  • Closed-loop engagement channel KPI reporting
  • Engagement channel strategy review

Core + Platform and Managed service tiers also include engagement channels governance, and new channel setup and training.

Together, ANNUITAS Optimization services provide an unprecedented level of visibility and support—empowering you to transform demand to drive faster, more predictable growth.


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