Drive Strategic Growth with ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™

The current state of demand is broken and business leaders are frustrated. Ineffective, tactical demand generation activities have become a dangerous norm. Marketing teams are focusing on activity-based metrics like clicks, opens, and lift, but business leaders want to know how marketing is contributing to business growth.

According to ANNUITAS research, 72% of business leaders feel CMOs in general are measuring against the wrong goals.

Right now, companies are committing “random acts of marketing”. So how do we make the change from this broken tactical state to one that’s strategically generating real revenue? Start your ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™ to make the shift from activity-based demand generation to Strategic Demand Marketing.

What is ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™?

ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™ revolutionizes how you build demand. It reconstructs strategies, content, processes, and technologies to become buyer centric and results driven. This type of transformation empowers companies to achieve a Strategic Demand state and drive predictable, sustainable growth.

ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™ will help you:

  • Deliver consistent, quality leads
  • Build end-to-end visibility of the buyer engagement journey
  • Align marketing and sales organizations
  • Fully leverage technology investments
  • Optimize demand programs and measure marketing ROI.

After completing ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™, you can consistently engage with buyers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. The result? Increased sales, shorter sales cycles and higher customer lifetime value.

By taking a step back and centering your efforts to the buyer, companies can move from uncoordinated demand generation tactics to a Strategic Demand Marketing state.

Achieving a Strategic Demand state allows you to operationalize go-to-market around the buyer and customer journey, orchestrate multiple channels of interactions and dialogue, and optimize marketing investments to achieve predictable patterns of demand.

ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™ improves lead-to-revenue results by 4-10X industry averages.

Stop investing in tactical activities that don’t work. It’s time to make demand work for you.

Learn more about the five core elements of ANNUITAS Digital Demand Transformation™ and understand what it takes to start your transformation by reading the piece below. Ready to start now? Let’s connect to discuss how a transformation can revolutionize your demand.

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