Orchestrate Customer Engagement. Deliver Sales Lift.

Operationalize Your
Go-To-Market Around the
Customer Journey

Making the shift to a strategic demand marketing state will transform how you approach and optimize growth. ANNUITAS Demand Marketing Transformation starts by putting your customer journey at the center of everything. Then, we re-think how your people, processes, content, and technology work together to drive predictable, sustainable growth. It’s not easy work, but it’s worth it. ANNUITAS Demand Marketing Transformation delivers a 4-10x improvement in lead-to-revenue conversion – verified results our team has tracked and benchmarked over the past decade.

Transform Your People, Process, Content, and Technology

ANNUITAS Demand Marketing Transformation follows a proven methodology. It’s built on five key pillars that guide you to a strategic demand marketing state.


Uncover Your Buyer’s Motivations

Understanding your customer journey requires more than creating storyboards and personas. ANNUITAS starts by learning what truly motivates your customer to buy. We dig into your customers’ content consumption preferences, figure out who is involved in the decision-making process, and identify the places of friction between your marketing and sales motions today.


Engage Your Buyers in Continuous Dialogue

ANNUITAS Conversation Track Methodology™ takes your customer insights and turns them into intentional, scalable patterns of conversation. These tracks orchestrate all customer interactions through all channels. They guide the buyer through a self-determined journey, highlighting key interaction points along the way. ANNUITAS Conversation Track Methodology™ removes gaps in communication while collecting behavioral data so that you can connect with customers in the right place, at the right time.


Integrate People, Process, Content, Technology, and Data

The ANNUITAS Demand Process™ model connects the dots between people, process, content, and technology. Underpinned by a powerful demand technology stack, the Demand Process model tracks every point of customer interaction. It uses this data to progressively profile and score leads as they move through the funnel, allowing you to identify lower-funnel purchase behavior and prioritize those who are ready to buy. ANNUITAS Demand Process™ model data optimizes demand marketing interactions and provides real-time insights to sales before the first phone call is ever made.


Deliver Always-On, Predictive Demand Marketing

The ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® program combines the strategy of Customer Insights, ANNUITAS Conversation Track Methodology™, and a Demand Process model to build an always-on demand engine. It’s a fully realized game plan that accounts for every moving piece of a complicated demand architecture. The program is built using sophisticated implementations of MAP, CRM, and CMS tools so that you can automate the core and optimize the details.


Optimize Investments Against Sales Results

Continuous optimization unlocks the power of data to inform and refine your demand marketing strategy. By tracking the right performance metrics, you’re able to see beyond clicks and opens and look at what’s really contributing to pipeline lift – and what’s not. With that level of insight, you can quickly pivot investments and achieve a higher ROI than ever before.


ANNUITAS Demand Marketing Transformation Generates

4-10x Lead-to-Revenue Conversion Improvement

How We Sequence Your Transformation

A Demand Marketing Transformation is truly a transformation. We’ve broken it into three phases so that you can realize results sooner.

  • Buyer Insights and conversation mapping
  • Website personalization and engagement channel strategies built
  • Content Model and nurture flows created
  • Lead management process audited and reviewed
  • Sales and marketing alignment recommendations made
  • Tech + data audit and review
  • Technology recommendations made to ensure end-to-end integration
  • Quantitative model created
  • Implementation planning begins
  • Content created for nurture, web, and engagement channels
  • Website personalization and progressive profiling built
  • ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® program built
  • Systems and data integrations completed
  • Sales and marketing team training completed
  • KPI planning in place
  • Dashboards set up to monitor KPI and engagement channel performance tracking
  • Monthly and quarterly optimization recommendations
  • Monthly and quarterly recommendation implementations

Achieving a Strategic Demand Marketing State

ANNUITAS Demand Marketing Transformation results in a strategic demand marketing state. Any transformation is a big undertaking, but we phase your journey so that you can realize results faster.


Basic Demand Process
  • Lead Management Framework
  • MAP + CRM integration
  • Closed loop ANNUITAS Demand Process™
  • Qualified Lead accelerators
  • Basic optimization


Predictive Demand Process
  • Personalized web content
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Fulfillment emails and drip nurture track
  • Account-based lead prioritization
  • Paid digital and some field marketing
  • Full optimization


Inbound PDG


  • Adaptive inbound nurture
  • CMS + MAP integration
  • Additional web content
  • New conversation tracks
  • Advanced paid digital
  • Advanced inbound optimization


Multi-Channel PDG Program
  • Adaptive email nurture
  • Advanced ABM
  • Field marketing
  • Increasing volumes of Qualified Leads
  • Advanced outbound optimization

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