ANNUITAS’ Carlos Hidalgo Named Most Influential B2B Marketer in the US

ANNUITAS’ Carlos Hidalgo Named Most Influential B2B Marketer in the US

Independent Analysis from Onalytica Reveals Hidalgo Leads in Influence on Twitter; ANNUITAS is an Influential Brand in the B2B Marketing Field

Carlos Hidalgo is the most influential B2B marketer in the United States and ANNUITAS is among the top 25 most influential B2B marketing brands, according to analysis from Onalytica, a provider of influencer marketing intelligence. Hidalgo is CEO and Principal of ANNUITAS, a demand generation strategy and change management firm.

To determine who was influencing online B2B marketing discussions in both the U.S. and the U.K., Onalytica examined the individuals and brands driving the most conversation on Twitter. The firm analyzed more than 26 thousand Tweets from August 21 through November 18, 2015 around the query “B2BMarketing.” From 4,911 Tweets, Onalytica identified the top 100 most influential brands and individuals in the U.S. and the U.K. who were leading the discussion on Twitter.

“ANNUITAS is a team of passionate B2B marketers and thought leaders who guide enterprise level B2B companies in developing effective demand generation strategies,” said Erika Goldwater, vice president of marketing for ANNUITAS. “We practice what we teach our clients and set an example for how they can become leading influencers in their specific industries. We partner with our clients to not only develop and design the strategies needed to succeed in the competitive B2B environment, but ensure these strategies are implemented and optimized.”

Hidalgo (Twitter handle @cahidalgo) ranked number one in the U.S. with an influencer score of 8.7. ANNUITAS (Twitter handle @_ANNUITAS) ranked 16 with an influencer score of 3.63 in the list of influential B2B marketing brands. Hidalgo is not the only influential member of the ANNUITAS team. Goldwater (Twitter handle @erikawg) ranked 35 with an influencer score of .61, while director of strategy Sarah Shelnut (Twitter handle @SarahShelnut) ranked 38 with an influencer score of .51.

Onalytica’s scoring methodology took into account the number and quality of contextual references that a user received on Tweets related to B2B marketing. The calculations were independent of a user’s number of followers, but Onalytica filtered the lists based on how much a user was engaged in the conversation.

Complete results of the “B2BMarketing Top 100 Brands & Individuals” report are available from Onalytica. Founded in 2009, Onalytica specializes in providing Influencer Relationship Management software and supporting professional services to help brands scale 1-to-1 Influencer Relationship Management results.