ANNUITAS’ Carlos Hidalgo to Release New Book: ‘Driving Demand’

ANNUITAS’ Carlos Hidalgo to Release New Book: ‘Driving Demand’

Driving Demand outlines the change B2B organizations need to make in order to meet the needs of the

modern buyer

Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal of ANNUITAS, has released Driving Demand, a guidebook for B2B companies and enterprise marketers seeking ways to transform their marketing and sales functions, but unsure of where to start. Now available for pre-order on Kindle, and available in hardcover on Oct. 20, Driving Demand is currently rated as a No. 1 New Release on Amazon.

In this book, Hidalgo provides a prescriptive roadmap that organizations can follow to ensure that the changes that are made become part of the DNA of their organization, therefore facilitating true transformation—doing things differently instead of just doing different things.

Readers of the book will have access to:

  • Case studies and excerpts from B2B marketing practitioners who have transformed their organizations and how they accomplished this change
  • Current research from industry experts and thought leaders that demonstrates the need for this change
  • The potential pitfalls that can occur within an organization as a demand process is developed, and
  • Models that should be implemented to ensure Demand ProcessSM is adopted throughout the enterprise

“Through research and experience, I’ve found that most B2B marketers lack the training and experience needed to adjust to the changing world,” said Hidalgo. “They’re either self-taught or learn as they go—there’s no formal guide. This book provides a clear framework on how B2B organizations can implement change management and transform their marketing practices – turning the demand function into a real ROI engine for the company. It’s not enough to simply speak about ‘change management’ in an organization. Change management has to begin with changing the culture and then a process that is first fully planned.”

As CEO and principal of ANNUITAS, Hidalgo works with CMOs and marketing leaders every day in an effort to transform their demand generation discipline and ensure there is alignment throughout the people, process, content and technology. With over 20 years’ experience as both a practitioner and consultant in B2B marketing, Hidalgo is a recognized thought leader in the marketing industry, an international speaker and an avid blogger. For more information on Driving Demand, and to request Hidalgo as a speaker, visit

The author will be signing copies of the book in Boston during the MarketingProfs B2B Forum on Wednesday, October 21 from 6:30 – 8:00 at Sauciety in the Westin Boston Waterfront. Later, Hidalgo will sign copies of his book in Atlanta on Tuesday, Oct 27 from 6-8 at the JW Marriott Buckhead.

To preorder a copy of Driving Demand, or to buy the Kindle version, visit