ANNUITAS CEO Selected for Advisory Panel on Colorado’s High School Business Curriculum

ANNUITAS CEO Selected for Advisory Panel on Colorado’s High School Business Curriculum

Hidalgo, Other Leaders to Assess Business Standards and Ethics Learning Outcomes for High School Business Students

Aug. 6, 2015 – Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal of ANNUITAS, a demand generation strategy and change management firm, will join business leaders from across Colorado to take an active role in determining what students learn in high school business and marketing programs. As a member of an Executive Education Advisory Panel working with the Colorado Community College System (CCS), Hidalgo and other business leaders will assess the standards and ethics learning outcomes to be addressed in the state’s high school business administration programs.

The Advisory Panel will meet August 18–20, 2015 with a focus on revising the high school curriculum for students who are pursuing careers in marketing, finance, and business management and administration. During the meetings, the Panel will discuss ethical challenges they have encountered in business and analyze national business standards used in at least 50 percent of the high school business and marketing programs nationwide. The leaders will also identify professional certifications in business and their value and importance.

“Carlos was selected to participate in this important panel because he is an innovative thought leader in B-to-B marketing,” said Donna Montgomery, Business Community Liaison with MBA Research and Curriculum Center, the not-for-profit organization spearheading this event. “Carlos will join a group of seasoned professionals who are working in a variety of industries. Based on their extensive experience and knowledge of what happens in the business world, they will consider the skills, concepts and trends that should be included in the high school curriculum for students interested in careers in business.

The meeting will be held in Denver at Daniels Fund, a nonprofit organization founded by Bill Daniels to make life better for the people and communities of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative is a partnership with universities in the four-state area to strengthen principle-based ethics education and foster a high standard of ethics in young people. The Daniels Fund is expanding its vision by developing marketing and business courses and instructional materials addressing principle-based ethics education for use in high schools.

The MBA Research and Curriculum Center will be responsible for development of the courses and related materials for the Daniels Fund. Columbus, Ohio-based MBA Research is a nonprofit organization that supports the teaching of business, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship nationwide.

MBA Research staff will facilitate the August Advisory Panel meetings, which are sponsored by the Colorado Community College System’s Career and Technical Education division.