ANNUITAS Launches 2015 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Research Study

ANNUITAS Launches 2015 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Research Study

Study benchmarks the progress of Enterprise B2B demand generation strategies

ANNUITAS, a Demand Generation strategy and change management firm, has launched its 2015 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Research Study to assess and measure the drivers and better understand the maturity of demand generation within Enterprise B2B organizations. A follow-up of the 2014 benchmark study, this year’s study will once again reach out to Enterprise-level B2B companies to assess and identify progress, challenges and obstacles.

“As B2B buyers get more sophisticated, enterprise-level companies face a unique set of struggles and challenges when it comes to demand generation,” said Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal of ANNUITAS. “Last year we were able to isolate those challenges and identify areas where B2B enterprises need the most attention. We are again running this study to see how these organizations have progressed over the last year.”

Hidalgo added that among the most notable finds from the inaugural survey was that only 2.8 percent of respondents said they were effective in reaching their demand generation goals. “Companies are spending millions of dollars on demand generation and content marketing tactics, and for nearly 97% to fall short of the desired results is a serious problem. It is therefore critical that we identify where the problems lie and see where B2B demand generation marketers are gaining ground.”

Other significant findings from the 2014 survey include:

  • A disconnect between what marketing departments want to accomplish and what they are measuring.
  • Less than 25 percent of B2B marketers use lead nurturing as part of their demand generation strategy.
  • Demand generation professionals are falling short of connecting with their buyers.
  • Lack of skills continues to be an obstacle for marketing organizations.

“Understanding the strategies and results of B2B enterprise marketers help us benchmark ourselves and our organizations better,” added Hidalgo. “These surveys give us a way to see what areas still need attention and improvement, as well as the areas where B2B enterprises are succeeding in their goals and objectives.”

The 2015 research survey, which will begin this month, is targeted to those in the demand generation function in large enterprise organizations. Qualified survey respondents will receive a copy of the final report when it’s released in October. Enterprise organizations can use this link to participate in the survey.