ANNUITAS Provides Leadership for Creating Effective Demand Generation Content

ANNUITAS Provides Leadership for Creating Effective Demand Generation Content

Content Marketing Expert Jason Stewart Named Vice President, Strategic Content

Enterprise B2B marketers are still struggling to create marketing content that is relevant and effective, according to a recent study by ANNUITAS®, a demand generation strategy and change management firm. For example, only half of organizations align content to their buyer’s pain points, and buying committees are proving difficult for most marketers to address. Recognizing the importance of content strategy in Demand Process℠ Transformation engagement, ANNUITAS has named Jason Stewart Vice President, Strategic Content. In this role, Stewart will provide leadership and oversight of persona and buyer insight development, strategic content creation and implementation, and the analysis of content performance for ANNUITAS clients.

“The importance of content strategy as the backbone of a mature demand generation process cannot be overstated,” said Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute. “ANNUITAS understands this, and by appointing a recognized content marketer like Jason as the practice lead they are making the clear statement that content is a key and strategic component in their Demand Process.”

According to Jennifer Harmel, ANNUITAS’ Executive Vice President, Demand Process Strategy Practice, many companies today don’t fully understand how to develop a buyer-centric demand generation strategy, which necessitates content that Engages, Nurtures and Converts. “Jason will help our clients implement a content strategy as part of their demand generation strategy that aligns with their People, Process, Technology and Data,” said Harmel. “Having a leader with Jason’s experience to oversee the entire process, from persona development, content strategy creation, content development and implementation through to delivery of the final program, brings incredible value to enterprise B2B companies.”

In addition to overseeing content from strategy development and creation through implementation with marketing automation, Stewart will mentor new consultants on content strategy and the ANNUITAS Demand Process℠ methodology so as to maintain the highest level of quality, as the firm continues to grow.

Jason Stewart has more than 15 years’ experience in B2B marketing at both private and public companies. His content marketing work has earned numerous industry awards and he is a key influencer in the field of content strategy and the applications of marketing technology.