Why BANT is a Four-Letter Word

BANT is No Longer Relevant For Demand Generation

How Lead Qualification Must Adjust to the New Buyer Journey

It was not long ago that BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe) criteria were central to lead qualification. However, today’s buyer has unprecedented access to information to make informed buying decisions. Oftentimes, they compile vendor “short lists” and determine the best fit for their needs without ever speaking to a seller. This means that BANT is no longer relevant and marketers must adjust to this new buying process.

Why BANT is a Four-Letter Word discusses:

      A lead qualification method adapted to the buyer’s purchasing process

      Leveraging buyer engagement as a better indicator of opportunity

      Accounting for buying committees 

The buyer’s journey has become less about qualifying them, and more about them qualifying us. Yet BANT persists, and many organizations still insist on including it as part of their early stage lead qualification criteria.