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CMO’s Guide to the B2B Marketing Universe

Building Demand Generation Organizations that Contribute to Your Bottom Line

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value and Profit

75% of organizations who own marketing automation say they have failed to realize the benefits from their investment and only 28.6% can prove short term quantitative results. Nowadays, CMOs have the potential to hold a more significant role than ever before in today’s organizations, but the pressures to perform are higher too. This eBook describes the key shifts marketing leadership must address in order be effective in today’s fast evolving marketing environment.

The CMO’s Guide to the B2B Marketing Universe discusses:

      Changing from tactical to strategic Demand Generation

      Aligning the organization to the buyer’s journey

      How to manage and measure change as you evolve into a revenue-focused marketing organization

      Managing change and improving stakeholder engagement within the context of B2B Demand Generation