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Four Common Characteristics of a Revenue Focused Organization

How to Know if Your Company is Truly Revenue-Focused

Understand How to Drive Revenue with Demand Generation

While buzzwords come and go, the goal for marketing remains constant: drive revenue. This focal point seems obvious, yet many organizations fail to be revenue-focused. ANNUITAS CEO Carlos Hidalgo, along with Craig Rosenberg , Chief Analyst at Topo, sat down to discuss this topic. During their discussion they outlined four characteristics that shape every revenue-focused company.

Download Four Common Characteristics of a Revenue Focused Organization to learn:

      The key measurements needed to understand Demand Generation performance

      How marketing must enable sales throughout the buying process

      Who to target and what to measure 

Revenue Performance Management is a marketing phrase that was popular for a while but seems to have lost some of its luster as concepts and ideas like Account-Based Marketing and the Marketing Technologist have risen in popularity. However, while the “latest thing” comes and goes, one thing remains constant: the need for marketing to drive revenue.