2015 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Study

The State of B2B Enterprise Demand Generation

Improve Everything from Strategy to Implementation and Measurement

The 2015 ANNUITAS B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Survey provides in-depth intelligence on how top companies are addressing all facets of Demand Generation. This includes content marketing, marketing technology, lead management, buyer personas, and success metrics. Focusing exclusively on the B2B Enterprise, the study can help you get a better picture on how you stack up against the most successful B2B Enterprise companies.

Download The State of B2B Enterprise Demand Generation to see:

      Details on Demand Generation budget trends and benchmarks

      The KPIs being used to measure success

      How top enterprises are tying Demand Generation to sales 

How do you rate your Demand Generation teams in terms of effectiveness? Download the final results of the study today and benchmark yourself and your organization.