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Ten Content Rules for Effective Demand Generation

Content Expectations for a Successful Demand Generation Program

Your Content Revolves Around Your Buyer

Marketers put a lot of effort into creating content, but this focus is often misplaced. The real challenge is creating relevant content that meets the buyers’ needs along their buying journey. We have assembled ten content rules that will help you serve your buyers’ needs and drive successful Demand Generation and sales.

Download the Ten Content Rules for Effective Demand Generation to get help with:

      Planning the right content for the right buyer(s)

      Repurposing your existing content to work for you

      Determining who should be writing your Demand Generation content 

Effective content is not about what you, the seller wants to say, but rather, what your buyers need to hear. In order for your content to have the most impact, it must align to your buyer’s pain points and challenges.