Driving Growth by Leveraging Strategic Demand + Change Management: The NWEA Case Study

NWEA, a research-based, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators, faced challenges in their marketing process. The inability to track meaningful data, a fragmented lead process, and disjointed tech stack all contributed to the wasting of marketing dollars and sales time. The problems were clear, but where do you begin? 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how NWEA + ANNUITAS took a transformational approach to drive growth at NWEA by leveraging the strategic demand process in 5 steps:

  • Map out your entire buyer journey
  • Align your content to address all audience segments and stages of buyer journey
  • Sophisticate your lead qualification stage tracking, multi-channel interaction tracking and progressive profiling for a personalized user experience
  • Advance your MarTech stack 
  • Manage the changes with in your organization

In this webinar, speakers Jennifer Harmel and Crystal Miller share how NWEA went from a disjointed sales and marketing process to seeing a 200% improvement in Engaged to Closed Won leads, a 3x increase in deal size, and a 47% improvement in marketing qualified leads to sales accepted opportunities in just a year.


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