Driving Predictable, Perpetual Business Growth

Today, both marketing and sales leaders are accountable for pipeline and revenue growth—nearly two-thirds say it’s the most important measure of their success.1 But traditional campaign-based marketing approaches cannot reliably, predictably and consistently drive revenue. And they often detract from, rather than enhance, a buyer’s experience with your brand. This calls for a different approach to demand generation.

ANNUITAS empowers revenue-driven marketing and sales leaders to challenge the status quo and transform demand generation into an engine for scalable, sustainable growth.

ANNUITAS clients with mature, optimized Perpetual Demand Generation programs deliver lead-to-revenue results that are 4-10x industry averages.

Changing the Demand Generation Equation

ANNUITAS enables this transformation through ANNUITAS Perpetual Demand Generation® (PDG), a proven approach that shifts the dynamic from one-off campaigns to more strategic, “always-on” marketing.

Powering PDG, the ANNUITAS Demand ProcessSM  provides a playbook for orchestrating and optimizing every element of customer engagement throughout the buying cycle. Better customer experiences translate into better business outcomes, as leads are better qualified, more leads turn into sales, and more buyers become long-term loyal customers. Transforming the Demand Process enables enterprise and growth-oriented companies to:

  • Optimize customer experience. Deliver more value to customers and boost financial performance by ensuring buyers get the information they need when they want it.
  • Accelerate business growth. Build a foundation and methodology to connect with prospects and drive scalable, sustainable business growth.
  • Prove marketing ROI. Align Marketing and Sales around a singular KPI—revenue—and establish the value of Marketing as a revenue driver.

Deliver predictable, measurable results

Demand generation isn’t about marketing objectives; it’s about business outcomes. PDG and the ANNUITAS Demand Process Methodology enable you to understand which marketing investments are converting to revenue, significantly increase the profitability of your Sales and Marketing operations, and contribute to predictable, sustainable business success.

ANNUITAS clients transform marketing from a campaign-driven cost center or misunderstood contributor into a proven, revenue-driving partner to sales that directly contributes to corporate growth.

  • SecureWorks increased conversion 54%, driving more than $100 million in Marketing-attributed revenue.
  • PR Newswire increased conversion and closed sales by 30%, transforming Marketing from a cost center to a revenue driver in just five months.
  • LENOX increased marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline and consistently converts more than 11% of engaged leads into qualified leads.

“Today, we are delivering quality leads to sales that are resulting in actual revenue.” — Kira Mondrus, SecureWorks Global Marketing Director

Turning Marketing and Sales Leaders into Superheroes

At ANNUITAS, we are obsessed with customer success and driving business outcomes. And we believe the best outcomes are achieved when marketing and sales collaborate to deliver better customer experiences and align around a singular KPI—revenue.

Driving this kind of change isn’t easy, but it’s how bold transformers move their organizations from low-ROI, campaign-based tactics to predictable, perpetual business growth. It’s how ANNUITAS clients become superheroes. And it’s why we are excited to come to work every day.

1 Source: ANNUITAS, Inc., 2016 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation Survey

See how you can transform demand generation into an engine for sustainable business success.


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