ANNUITAS Case Study: PR Newswire

Qualified Leads Drive 7% Sales Increase for PR Newswire

The PR industry has seen more changes in the last few years than it has over the five preceding decades combined. The emergence of the web, digital communications, social media and new mobile innovations continue to keep the industry in a state of flux. Today, no company in the news business can afford to rest on its laurels.

As the firm that pioneered the commercial news distribution concept, PR Newswire knew it couldn’t rely on its established approach to marketing going forward. New competitors were entering the segment and competing on price, and PR Newswire’s historical approach was product-oriented, largely reactive and didn’t differentiate the company from its competitors. Although the company transmitted news over countless channels for hundreds of businesses every day, PR Newswire lacked a proactive multi-channel program for its own marketing communications.

The Solution:

ANNUITAS partnered with PR Newswire to launch a customer-centric demand-generation program. From the very beginning, the goal was to replace PR Newswire’s tactical marketing approach with a strategically driven campaign to help turn more leads into sales and more buyers into long-term loyal customers. After extensive research into PR Newswire’s business and customer base, ANNUITAS created customer personas to identify their primary challenges, behaviors and pain points. The team then mapped specific content to match the buyer’s journey and individual needs, depending on where a potential customer was in the buying cycle.

ANNUITAS helped us create a better buying experience for our customers, and to establish core metrics and reporting systems that allow us to strategically manage the market’s perception of our brand. - Ken Wincko, PR Newswire SVP Marketing

The Results:

PRNewswire ANNUITAS ResultsWithin five months of the program’s launch, PR Newswire’s engaged leads grew by 22%, and qualified leads saw a 7% increase. By supplying the sales forces with leads that were vetted and pre-qualified beforehand, the number of sales closed also increased by 7%. The combined marketing and sales effort has accelerated and compressed PR Newswire’s sales cycle by roughly 30%, and as management continues to optimize the program, additional gains are imminent. Most importantly, PR Newswire’s demand-generation program has transformed marketing from a historical cost center into a net contributor of revenue—and profitable ROI—today.

About PRNewswire:
PRN Industry InfoA Cision company, PR Newswire provides a broad range of communications products and services to professionals in marketing, public relations, corporate communications and investor relations. In addition to distributing news and information, PR Newswire helps clients target audiences and monitors how effectively their messages are communicated.

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